Private Lessons


Tennis Lessons

Why Take Lessons?

Tennis is a deceptively complex and demanding sport.  Besides the intricate biomechanics involved in stroke production and the physical demands for agility and endurance, there’s also the entire psychological field of mental toughness, tactics and strategy that can make all the difference in a tight match.  For most people, the focused and personalized attention of a tennis lesson is the quickest path to improvement.

Whether you’re just starting out or just troubleshooting a stroke, our pros will help to demystify this exciting sport and to help you reach your personal tennis goals.

Lesson Structure

We offer private, semi private and group lessons in 1/2 hour and 1 hour sessions. Private instruction involves 1-on-1 coaching with the pro of your choice.  Semi-private instruction accommodates up to 3 players and is an excellent way for friends or doubles partners to improve together.  Group sessions are a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 players and are often used by USTA teams that want professional coaching throughout the season or before a big match.

Sparring Partners

In response to demand, we also offer a program called ‘Sparring Partners.’  These training sessions involve drilling, point or match play with a high level hitter and are meant to compliment the technical teachings of a lesson.  This is the place to battle-test a new technique or tactic and it affords the flexibility of minimizing or simulating the pressure of actual competition.

Call the pro shop today to schedule a tennis lesson: (530) 895-1881.  For other great ways to get into the game, check out our Clinics and Leagues.