Membership Rates

Join us at the Chico Racquet Club and Resort, where friends and families meet for tennis, leisure and fun!  Don’t get overlooked at overcrowded gyms. Experience ‘The Club” difference, where you can reach your wellness goals and take-up the sport of a lifetime in the welcoming atmosphere of Chico’s first fitness facility.

In addition to fun, challenging and transformative programs, we provide a safe after school haven for youth and a wholesome social outlet for friends, aspiring athletes and active families.

Discover a membership that feels less like belonging to a club and more like belonging to a family. Call us today at (530) 895-1881.

All Access - $96/month

Membership Definitions and Types

Single Membership
A single membership shall consist of an individual, 14 year of age or older, whether married or not.

One-Parent Membership
A one parent membership shall consist of any adult and all dependents living in the same household 13 years or younger.

Couple Membership
A couple membership shall be defined as:

  1. A husband and wife,
  2. A single adult with a dependent between the ages of 14 and 22 years of age
  3. Two adults who are living in the same residence in a marital-type relationship.

Family Membership
A family membership shall be defined as husband and wife, or two adults who are living in the same residence in a marital-type relationship and all their dependents 22 years of age or younger living in the same household, or a single parent and two or more children 22 years of age or younger.

Fitness Membership
Fitness Membership includes access to cardio, free weights, weight machines, sand volleyball, racquetball, squash, bocce ball, café, pool and spa, locker rooms and towels. This membership does not include access to tennis or member pricing for tennis programs.

Full Club Membership
Full Club Membership includes everything a Fitness Membership has plus access to tennis, and member pricing for tennis programs.